Waniska Centre Action Aims

In keeping with our overarching aim to eliminate HIV/HCV/STBBI inequities, we will specifically aim to do the following, which will be informed by Indigenous theoretical frameworks and methodologies:

Aim 1. Build an interdisciplinary, collaborative research infrastructure among academic, civil society and Indigenous people and communities to enrich game-changing research, mentoring/training activities, community engagement, and curricular innovation to improve access to testing as well as improved linkage to and retention in care.

Aim 2. Develop a critical mass of Indigenous researchers with HIV/HCV/STBBI expertise through implementing innovative partnerships across the region, Canada and internationally.

Aim 3. Increase innovative, culturally-grounded, Indigenous and scientifically rigorous HIV/HCV/STBBI research focused on and led by Indigenous communities that restore gender balance.

Aim 4. Translate, mobilize and network high impact, culturally relevant knowledge and practices with Indigenous communities.

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