Our Logo

The Waniska Centre logo represents hope, optimism and growth for a healthy today and tomorrow. The first rays of light burst over the horizon, welcoming a new day and bringing warmth, light and energy into our world, bathing the meadows, hills, flowers and berries in their glow.

We chose elements for their rich symbolism. The rising sun in a reflection of the word Waniska, which means to wake up in Cree. The crocus peeks through the last traces of snow in the spring across Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The purple saxifrage, which is the official flower of Nunavut, honours the Inuit who now live in Manitoba; it is also the first flower to bloom in the far north in the spring. The berries reflect many medicines: rosehips, blueberries, Saskatoon berries or other berries or fruit, depending on one’s own relationships to the land. The designs inside the sun represent the tradition held by both Inuit and Cree women of marking significant life events on their faces with tattoos. The word Waniska is written in syllabics.

The Waniska logo symbolizes our hope for a brighter future.