People, Community and Academic Partners

Waniska Guiding Oversight Council

The Waniska Guiding Oversight Council (GOC), which is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the program, consists of:

Dr. Alexandra King (Chair of the GOC), University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Dr. Alex Wilson (Training and Mentorship Director), University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Prof. Malcolm King (Senior Advisor), University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Jackie Flett (Knowledge Holder), Sisters of Fire, Winnipeg

Dr. Amanda Froehlich Chow (PI for Atotitum grant), University of Saskatchewan

Waniska Staff

Research Coordinator – Saydi Harlton

Communications Officer – Sarah MacDonald

Community Coordinator for Manitoba – Melissa Morris

Indigenous Platform Coordinator – Kacheena Naytowhow

Clerical Assistant – Jordan Baran

Research Associate – Chelsie Collins

Community Partner

Ka Ni Kanichihk, Winnipeg, MB

Academic Partners

University of Saskatchewan

·      Pewaseskwan Indigenous Wellness Research Group

·      College of Medicine and College of Arts & Science

University of Manitoba

·      Ongomiizwin Research Centre

·      Institute for Global Public Health

·      College of Medicine and College of Nursing

Waniska Partnerships

National HIV and Retrovirology Laboratories

Canadian HIV/AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

Central Urban Métis Federation Inc.

Manitoba HIV-STBBI Collective Impact Network

The Canadian HIV Observational Cohort

Canadian Association for HIV Research

Communities, Alliances and Networks

The Feast Centre for Indigenous STBBI Research

Canadian Network for Hepatitis C

Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations