People at Waniska

Waniska Guiding Oversight Council

The Waniska Guiding Oversight Council (GOC), which is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the program, consists of:

Dr. Alexandra King (Chair of the GOC), University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Dr. Alex Wilson (Training and Mentorship Director), University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Prof. Malcolm King (Senior Advisor), University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Jackie Flett (Knowledge Holder), Sisters of Fire, Winnipeg

Dr. Amanda Froehlich Chow (PI for Atohtitam grant), University of Saskatchewan

Waniska Team

Project Coordinator – Saydi Harlton

Communications Coordinator – Nidhi Singh

Community Coordinator for Manitoba – Melissa Morris

Community Coordinator for Saskatchewan – Dakota (Koda) Sinclair

Research Coordinator for Manitoba – Lorraine Seymour

Research Associate – Chelsie Collins

Nîsōhtēwak Council

Waniska’s council, named Nîs­ōhtēwak, is a council of people with generational knowledge consisting of Elders, Knowledge Holders, those with living/lived experience, youth representatives from rural and urban Indigenous communities and HIV/HCV/STBBI and substance use prevention experts. This synergy of individuals brings knowledge of their nations’ cultures, practices and vast experience in Indigenous health, community health advocacy and education. Nîs­ōhtēwak works in partnership with the waniska Community Coordinators, Ka Ni Kanichihk, All Nations Hope Network and the PI/PKU Guiding Oversight Council. Nîs­ōhtēwak provides guidance in relation to advancing knowledge that is culturally relevant, age-appropriate and accessible to communities and nations.

Nîs­ōhtēwak is currently comprised of the following people:
Calvin Racette (Métis, SK)
Jordy Ironstar (Two Spirit, Carry the Kettle First Nation, SK)
Sheila Gott (First Nations, SK)
Gayle Pruden (Two Spirit, Little Saskatchewan First Nation, MB)
Leslie Spillett (Cree, MB)
Nadine Ross (First Nations, MB)